Addressing Indonesia's Burgeoning Healthcare Needs

With the recent launch of the universal health coverage scheme by BPJS, Indonesia is anticipating 100 million new patients entering the health system. This, together with the steady rise in disposable incomes and healthcare expenditures, amounts to substantial pressure the country's existing health infrastructure and resources. High quality care is limited and usually comes at a premium. With our focus on health professionals and commitment to quality, Summit Healthcare is investing ahead of the curve to accelerate HCPS readiness and efficiency to address rising patient demand and ultimately, improve patient outcomes in Indonesia.

Empowering Health Professionals as Our Focus

We believe that health professionals have the biggest direct impact on the quality of care. As such, we focus our energies to the provision of high quality health education with patients in mind.

Every patient deserves the best quality of care, and for that we seek to empower every health professional to realize care provision at the highest level while demonstrating a high degree of empathy, professionalism and accountability.

Creating Shared Value Across Our Network

Our mission is to recognize and invest in individuals and groups who together, have the power to transform the face of healthcare in Indonesia. For this cause, we are committed to actively invest in their development and make collaborative efforts in an ever-expanding network of clinicians and educators across Indonesia and beyond.